China up close

Xi wants same status as Mao and Deng

President stays in spotlight even on 20th anniversary of Deng's death

High debt tests third-generation heir of Korean Air

New CEO Cho Won-tae faces task of reducing 1,200% debt-to-equity ratio

  • Big in Asia but World Baseball Classic still seeks US home run

    Quadrennial baseball event, popular in Asia, wants same respect as World Series

  • Toshiba may put Westinghouse into bankruptcy

    Source calls move an option for nuclear business; board seeks chip spinoff

  • Baidu sees first decline in profits

    AI a crucial growth driver as search ad revenue stutters

  • AirAsia presses ASEAN to loosen ownership hurdles

    Profit grows nearly fourfold on foreign exchange gains, lower fuel costs

  • VX nerve agent used in Kim Jong Nam murder

    Malaysian police confirm presence of toxin

  • Japan's push for longer weekend butts with cultural norms

    Lack of support for Premium Friday could hinder economic benefit, labor reform

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