Appliances on Japanese store shelves are increasingly being made in-country again.

'Made in Japan' resurges as Asia labor costs grow

Reverse import values, proportion of goods made overseas both shrink

  • Samsung seeks to bury fiery past with Galaxy Note 8 launch

    Predecessor Note 7 recalled after battery fires

  • Indonesia to introduce tax breaks for low-carbon cars

    Government pledges to cut emissions by 29% by 2030

  • It's sea urchin season in Japan -- if you can afford it

    Climate change, little overseas production push up prices of the delicacy

  • India conglomerates try everything to drag weak performers into black

    Tata pumps in cash, Reliance ADA seeks scale, Essar sells off to tackle debt mountain

  • Mobike, Ofo wheel into Japan

    China's biggest bike-sharing startups' backers include Alibaba, Tencent

  • Tokio Marine leads Japan's insurers in overseas offensive

    Acquisitions aim to reduce reliance on home market as population dwindles

  • Japan's 3 big mobile carriers to launch IoT services in 2018

    Low-cost plans from Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank seen lifting nascent field

  • Bulk charter rates surge on Chinese iron ore demand

    Rising steel prices quicken China's appetite for resource

  • Jakarta offers Moscow rubber for fighter jets

    Palm oil, tea, coffee thrown in to $1.1bn deal to boost military

  • Household spending on children in Vietnam surges

    Rising incomes prompt parents to fork out for goods, extracurricular activities

  • Japan's builders fighting expected labor shortages with faster payment terms

    Strengthening subcontractor relationships to take on more projects

  • Local midtier Chinese banks continue to see loan books sour

    Regional lenders tap billions of dollars to repair balance sheets

  • What missiles? Unfazed South Koreans flock to Guam

    Island's new top tourist demographic shrugs off Pyongyang's threats

  • China overtakes Venezuela as Cuba's largest trading partner

    Exports of cars and electric equipment, falling crude prices behind change

  • 'Athleisure' wear catching on in Japan

    Competition intensifying as shoe, apparel makers tap into growth segment

  • Bangkok getting locker-box fever

    Multifunction coin lockers taking over Thai capital

  • Pure gold losing luster in China as fashion finds favor

    Total demand could dip as 18- and 22-karat jewelry catches on

  • Younger Japanese in the mood for a cruise

    Shorter, cheaper trips have more families and first-timers taking to the water

  • SE Asian convenience stores see big prospects in tiny spaces

    Local chains thrive in niches that foreign giants fail to reach