The new Lexus LS500h, equipped with self-driving features corresponding to "Level 2" autonomy, is unveiled in Tokyo on June 26.

New Lexus LS equipped with 'Level 2' self-driving features

Toyota is cautious about using the term 'autonomous'

  • Shanghai spots get hot thanks to word-of-mouth advertising

    Social media invaluable to success in trendy Chinese urban market

  • FT Confidential Research

    On-demand delivery becomes a crucial battleground in China's internet wars

    Potential of already-huge market drives billions in funding with profits elusive

  • Sino-Russian venture poised to chase Airbus, Boeing

    Giant market, advanced aviation technology could create formidable team

  • Japan's restaurants tap IT companies for deliveries

    Labor shortage prompts McDonald's to partner with Uber

  • Japan's automakers expect to lose Takata recall costs

    But companies already priced in bulk of losses, see minimal earnings damage

  • NASA gives private sector further access to its software

    Drone control and satellite image analysis among technologies available

  • Market share survey shows China Inc. losing steam

    US companies lead in 19 fields while Japan makes gains in batteries

  • Japan diaper output falls 1st time in 15 years

    Weaker demand from Chinese tourists blamed; makers look to boost China presence

  • Budget carriers scooping up cargo in Asia

    Trend holds down airfreight rates between Japan and rest of the region

  • Seoul nurturing tech startups Gangnam style

    The capital's trendy district rises as incubation hub

  • India steps up domestic defense production drive

    Weapons manufacturing tempts private sector, but obstacles remain

  • India retailers slash prices before GST kicks off

    Consumers delaying purchases prompts huge discounts

  • There's more than points at stake in Japan's reward programs

    From eco-friendly driving to exercise, companies appeal to consumers' good side

  • Financial app downloads up sharply in China

    The cashless life is fast becoming a reality for Chinese urbanites

  • Hoshino Resorts has right prescription for old Aomori inn

    Guests keep coming back for ever-changing assortment of experiences

  • China wants to burn less coal

    Government pushing big state-owned power companies to merge

  • Thai food makers serving up feast for pampered pets

    Thai Union, Betagro tap rapid growth in pet food market

  • China's seniors enjoying second youth

    Demographic shifts see retirees with time and money to kick back

  • Industry disruptions send Toyota, GM down different paths

    Japanese carmaker enlists top minds to hone AI while US rival shifts to services