Commuters cross the causeway from Malaysia during morning rush hour in Singapore. © Reuters

Singapore commuters fueling growth in Malaysia's Johor

But Iskandar needs a game plan to unseat rival cities as hub

  • Mizuho Financial Group says it retains lifetime honorary advisers

    Japanese financial giant to disclose information about adviser system early

  • India's $40bn wedding industry says 'I do' to foreign players

    Lucrative market growing 20-30% per year as many opt for Western ceremonies

  • Japan seeks to stop tech brain drain

    More than 1,000 experts have been lost to Asian rivals in 40 years

  • Why forest protection in Southeast Asia will hurt Japan

    Construction sites might run out of the boards they use to mold concrete

  • Beijing's green car push helps Chinese battery makers reign

    Technologically strong Japanese, South Korean rivals fight to stay relevant

  • China auto sales lack India's pep but still cruising

    SUVs drive a fourth straight month of growth in September

  • Japan looks to jump-start fintech with legal overhaul

    Sparking creativity by having similar businesses live under the same laws

  • Interview

    Citi pursuing tech-driven innovations, but not bitcoin: CEO

    US bank already considers itself a big tech company, says Michael Corbat

  • Full bluefin tuna farm shares rise as fish stocks dwindle

    Tight restrictions and big appetites promise tidy profits if farms can iron out kinks

  • Alibaba heading into emerging markets in duel with Amazon

    Southeast Asia, India among flash points for e-commerce giants

  • P&G fight shows activists unafraid to take on giants -- and Asia is next

    Agitators may find hitherto wary Japanese shareholders more willing to listen

  • Alibaba, Tencent lead as China's mobile payments triple

    Sharing economy driving growth in usage

  • Delhi traders dismayed by ban on fireworks sale before Diwali

    But others welcome ban, in hope air quality will improve

  • Kobe Steel scandal expands beyond aluminum, copper

    Iron plant may be fifth facility involved in data fabrication

  • Cover story

    China goes all out to be king of the electric car

    But will drivers embrace battery-powered vehicles before the lavish subsidies run out?

  • Building a car for the smartphone generation

    Brand-new and bristling with talent, Nanjing-based startup Byton wants the world

  • Ride-hailing apps a boon for Asia's motorcycle taxis

    Wireless broadband and smartphones driving changes in region's transport habits

  • SoftBank leads $257m investment in US map and AI startups

    Money used for autonomous driving, machine learning, other technologies

  • Japan's department stores mount a precarious recovery

    First-half sales rose, but growth rests on unstable tourist demand