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A chemist workis in a lab where medicines are being produced at a Cipla manufacturing unit on the outskirts of Mumbai. © AP

India's pharmaceutical prescription is unhealthy

Generic drug companies must confront multiple challenges to survive

  • Chinese internet leaders are also HR pioneers

    Tencent and Baidu are using AI and big data to fight staff turnover

  • Indonesian companies likely to drive boom in sukuk issuance

    Palm oil producers likely to join telecoms, food and utilities as market leaders

  • In China, digital innovators flock to Shenzhen

    Despite hurdles, atmosphere of freedom in Tencent's hometown welcomes newcomers

  • A new narrative of Chinese corporate growth

    Lower-profile entrepreneurs are achieving exponential growth after humble starts

  • Apple has to face question of its 'red line' in China

    Doing business requires consideration of which official demands to accept

  • Noble Group humbled by mercurial founder's misjudgment

    Troubled Singapore commodities giant looks doomed by creditors' mistrust

  • Tough times ahead for Hong Kong: Henny Sender

    City's failure to reinvent itself since 1997 handover leaves it vulnerable

  • Gaming triumph not such a winner for China's Tencent

    Social and political backlash underlines regulatory dangers for internet giants

  • Why Samsung Electronics is courting its shareholders

    Top chaebol family moves to preempt new president's legislative agenda

  • A-shares move will not solve China's capital flows problem

    Beijing remains uncommitted to market reforms despite MSCI announcement

  • Family and connections fail to save Anbang founder Wu

    Acquisitive entrepreneur felled by capital controls and Beijing's poisonous politics

  • Why Didi is raising so much cash

    Chinese ride service has conquered rivals, but faces other threats

  • HSBC's Gulliver has bet the business on change in China

    Bank prospering amid renewed growth, but faces pain if reform drive slows

  • Baidu's bet on Beijing's autonomous car drive

    The search company's calculation: give up some intellectual property for sales

  • Frenemies make Vietnam steel megaproject tick

    Wealth gaps promote -- rather than deter -- economic integration in East Asia

  • Disney chooses its battles in Malaysia and China

    China's emerging pink economy factors in 'Beauty and the Beast' saga

  • Ballpoint pens and the dangers of China's 'one dragon' dogma

    In manufacturing, doing it all domestically isn't always the answer