My Personal History: Carlos Ghosn

A line at Nissan Motor Kyushu's plant

The many lessons of Ghosn-sensei

Reflections on the Nissan chief and his My Personal History series of essays

  • Carlos Ghosn (30) A glimpse of the future

    Ghosn on his plans for life after Nissan and why the alliance will outlast him

  • Carlos Ghosn (29) The next generation

    Nurturing new leaders is more important than ever for Nissan's expanded alliance

  • Carlos Ghosn (28) Beyond the boardroom: Ghosn the family man

    The CEO reflects on fatherhood and instilling independence in his four children

  • Carlos Ghosn (27) Something special in Brazil

    The Rio Olympics gave Nissan-Renault a chance to shine in Ghosn's homeland

  • Carlos Ghosn (26) Making diversity work

    How a multicultural workforce became a source of strength for Nissan-Renault

  • Carlos Ghosn (25) Finding a like-minded partner in Daimler

    Ghosn discusses the 'strategic collaboration' and an unexpected legal challenge

  • Carlos Ghosn (24) Friends in high places

    Ghosn's network of global connections has helped Nissan-Renault reach its goals

  • Carlos Ghosn (23) Weathering Japan's post-crisis market

    In Thailand, Nissan found a way to maintain both profitability and quality as the yen soared

  • Carlos Ghosn (22) More than numbers

    With Nissan Power 88, Ghosn focused on long-term efforts to build brand value

  • Carlos Ghosn (21) Disaster strikes: Japan's March 11 earthquake

    Nissan plants hit harder than most, but employees pull off "miraculous" recovery

  • Carlos Ghosn (20) Going electric and disproving the doubters

    The LEAF validated Nissan's decision to skip hybrids and focus on electrics

  • Carlos Ghosn (19) Nissan in crisis mode

    The outbreak of the global recession prompted a quick rethink for the automaker

  • Carlos Ghosn (18) Bringing back an icon

    Carlos Ghosn's decision to resurrect the GT-R gave Nissan a fresh spark

  • Carlos Ghosn (17) Gaining depth with the Renault-Nissan Alliance

    Ghosn discovers the challenges and rewards of heading two carmakers

  • Carlos Ghosn (16) Codifying the Nissan Way

    After the success of Nissan 180, Ghosn and his team set a course for lasting growth

  • Carlos Ghosn (15) A delayed but fortuitous China entry

  • Carlos Ghosn (14) The meaning behind Nissan 180

    The first post-recovery medium-term plan set important precedents for the automaker

  • Carlos Ghosn (13) A whole new Nissan (almost) overnight

    Saving the automaker from a sea of red took a massive effort from all involved

  • Carlos Ghosn (12) Mapping out a plan to save Nissan

    Seeing losses everywhere, Ghosn rejects the first X-Trail, initiates huge cost cuts