China up close

Sculptures of the late Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong are placed in front of a souvenir plate featuring a portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping at a shop next to Tiananmen Square in Beijing on March 1, 2018. © Reuters

Next phase of Belt and Road: Xi's own military-industrial complex

Beijing envisions high-tech arms exports as it extends its web of influence

  • China's political tug of war entangles global boardrooms

    Xi Jinping ally buys Daimler stake while unwary tycoon loses the Waldorf

  • Xi Jinping's next goal? Communist Party chairman for life

    Lifting of term limit prevents Li Keqiang from taking the helm in 2022

  • Xi's new quartet on North Korea has roots in Iowa home stay

    Wang Qishan and US ambassador Branstad to be point men in collaboration

  • What Olympics? Xi has eyes on Trump alone

    Top diplomat is sent to assess US leader's North Korea policy

  • The dust has settled and the immortal Wang Qishan is back

    Vice president's role would put him in position to succeed Xi in a contingency

  • Downfall of a diva mirrors Beijing's backstage politics

    Dangerous liaisons: Chinese entertainers and their political patrons

  • Welcome to the club: Xi takes anti-corruption hunt to all Chinese

    New commission has power to go after doctors, nurses and teachers

  • Does Xi Jinping have a chain-of-command issue?

    Suicide of a general sparks rumors of a failed coup as China braces for US-North Korea war

  • Ready for the Winter Olympics? How about war?

    Xi Jinping has entire military drilling in case US strikes North Korea

  • Mao Zedong and the roots of the North Korea nuclear crisis

    Three generations of Kims have believed that northeast China is rightfully theirs

  • Xi Jinping had good reasons for skipping Nanjing speech

    Top Chinese leader prepares for a flurry of diplomacy with Japan in 2018

  • Why Chinese province is warning citizens of nuclear war

    Newspaper's what-to-do list hints that Beijing is running out of options

  • Praising Xi Jinping won't pay the bills for China's journalists

    Newspaper scribes' livelihoods depend on talent and an editor's red pen

  • Communist China's third era: 2012 to 2035?

    Xi hangs 'do not disturb' sign as he dreams of belts, roads and a strong military

  • Xi Jinping bids adieu to his fellow princelings

    Obedience, not bloodline, is the currency that counts in the new team

  • Xi Jinping breaks taboo and enters the Forbidden City

    Chinese leader may still be commander-in-chief in 2035, when he would be 82

  • Xi Jinping's eyes were fixed on Trump's visit to emperor

    Chinese leader may choose to visit Japan before the abdication

  • Xi Jinping just fired 75% of party veterans

    Chinese president personally interviewed candidates, eliminating dissenters

  • No successor needed: Xi Jinping's dream extends to 2035

    China's factions align to enshrine leader's 'Thought'