U.S. President Donald Trump has reportedly left preparations for his summit with Kim Jong Un to the CIA, run until recently by Mike Pompeo, center. (Photos by Reuters and Kyodo)

Trump relies on spies over diplomats in dangerous game with Kim

CIA rushes to arrange summit but risks paving North Korea's nuclear path

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    Prosperity serves China's interests, but talk of independence risks crackdown

  • China's TV confessions bring 'Darkness at Noon' into 21st century

    Xi's justice system calls to mind a classic novel on Stalin's show trials

  • Asia faces pivotal moment as stage moves to Trump-Kim

    High-stakes summit will feature two inexperienced leaders jostling for political gains

  • Chinese money sows European disunion

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  • Japan's 2% inflation sham

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    Mistakes can inform best practices, but only if they are brought to light

  • Modi loses his luster as economy stutters

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  • Blame mismanagement for tarnishing the 'Made in Japan' label

    Kobe Steel CEO expected workers to boost production with grit alone