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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, right, and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, center, arrive with Southeast Asian leaders at a reception in New Delhi on Jan. 26. India is building partnerships in the region to counter China's influence. © Reuters

India pivots to Southeast Asia to counter China's growing clout

New Delhi seeks to capitalize on discontent over Beijing's influence: FTCR

  • Duterte's rice policy keeps the poor waiting for price relief

    Philippines still caps private imports and self-sufficiency remains elusive: FTCR

  • As local Chinese governments come clean on debt, companies teeter

    Property boom helped businesses avoid failure but time is short, FTCR finds

  • Alibaba-backed Tokopedia takes online shopping throne

    Indonesia gained 11 million online shoppers in 2017, FTCR survey shows

  • Bad to worse: Duterte's plan to ease Philippine traffic withers

    FTCR shows appetite for cars outpacing president's public transport efforts

  • iPhone X helps Apple regain lost ground in China

    Buzz over latest handset has buyers splashing out on smartphones: FTCR

  • Korean brands still under pressure in China despite warmer ties

    FTCR survey shows domestic auto and smartphone makers carving out greater market share

  • Mobile payments sideswipe credit cards in Southeast Asia

    Platforms such as GrabPay and Go-Pay gain enthusiastic users, FTCR survey finds

  • Jokowi's popularity strong ahead of Indonesian elections

    Performance key to president's success, FTCR survey finds

  • ASEAN economies ill-prepared for old age

    Demographic clock ticking for aging Southeast Asia, FTCR survey shows

  • Indonesia expecting to see a big-ticket recovery in 2018

    FTCR survey shows improving household incomes inspiring consumers to spend

  • Honda, Ducati lead shift to big motorbikes in Thailand

    High-end brands cash in on local, foreign demand: FT Confidential Research

  • Chinese casualwear tries the Uniqlo, Muji look to survive

    Customers choose speed and sensibility over glitz and glut: FTCR data

  • Southeast Asia ready to embrace blockchain

    Central banks are wary of cryptocurrencies but keen on the underlying technology

  • Real estate woes hit China business activity

    FTCR index at three-month low as tighter credit dents housing sales

  • Indonesia's mobile payments industry to enter defining year

    Competition, technology and regulations bring boost to mobile payments

  • Telcos and banks battle over Philippines cashless payments

    Cashless transactions growing, but compatibility and security issues remain

  • Urban China goes private as universal health cover falls short

    Rising incomes allow more households to supplement the overburdened government system

  • Political fatigue wears on Thai consumers

    Election, economy damp political sentiment as one-year royal mourning period ends

  • Malaysia struggles to attract more tourists

    Total visitor arrivals fall as border-crossing fees bite