Toyota Motor Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada

Toyota chairman wants to tap the brakes on electrics

Automakers 'won't be able to turn a profit,' Takeshi Uchiyamada warns

  • Rio Tinto looks beyond traditional resources as China slows

    CEO 'optimistic' on biggest customer, but seeking out fresh opportunities

  • Asian companies are major bidders in Mexico's deepwater oil tender

    Country courts new markets as its North American clients shift to shale

  • Business chat app Slack seeks to crack Asia from Japan

    US startup co-founder sees opportunities in South Korea, India

  • Vietnamese leader holds out hope for US rejoining TPP

    Phuc also wants foreign shareholders to drive change at state-run companies

  • Al Gore faults Japan for subsidizing coal

    Former vice president of US presses Japan to step up in climate fight

  • Activist calls for Japan's involvement in China human rights

    Chen Guangcheng claims that situation is worsening in his home country

  • Boost expected for Singapore power retailers after liberalization

    Electricity market to be fully liberalized in 2018: trade minister

  • Hitachi eager to boost railway sales amid industry revamp

    President says large acquisitions, tie-ups needed for 50% boost by 2022

  • Unilever CEO values sustainable-development opportunities in Asia

    Paul Polman says businesses must be part of society's solution

  • Retiring TSMC's Morris Chang keeps eye on Samsung rivalry

    New dual leadership will test Taiwan chipmaker

  • No dialogue with North Korea without denuclearization, Abe says

    Japanese PM seeks to mend ties with China through reciprocal visits

  • From the cardboard industry, Japan's economy looks 'golden'

    Bellwether material is in for a record-setting year, industry exec says

  • Former Australian PM: China-US can rein in Pyongyang

    Cooperation key to solving region's problems, sharing intelligence can curb terrorism

  • Fed to shed $2tn in assets 'over long period'

    Ex-vice chairman reckons Yellen wants to get started on balance sheet shrinkage

  • Spring Airlines targets China's ascendant middle class

    Chairman sees room for foreign partners in a still-underserved market

  • Reappoint BOJ's Kuroda, says Abe economic adviser

    Koichi Hamada adds his voice to support for the face of Abenomics

  • 'Mistake' to think Britain turning in on itself: Boris Johnson

    UK foreign minister calls 1984 Hong Kong declaration 'a living treaty'

  • AirAsia plans to launch fintech products

    Malaysian budget carrier wants its own version of AliPay and TripAdvisor

  • Murata chief sees plenty of room for growth in smartphone parts

    Proliferating features, demand from Chinese makers creating boom for components