Multinationals in Asia

Unilever sells pouches of shampoo in Yangon, part of a marketing strategy to offer small, low-cost portions. (Photo by Ken Kobayashi)

Unilever sees growth in bottom and top of Asian economic pyramid

Marketing playbook ranges from 7-cent shampoos to high-end hair oil

  • Expedia plays the Asian card

    Online travel giant investing in technology, regional partners to grab customers

  • Carlos Ghosn chases the global auto crown in Southeast Asia

    Mitsubishi offers the regional building blocks Renault-Nissan has lacked

  • Dyson bets on Asia to boost lineup of high-tech appliances

    100 gizmos coming as firm eyes Singapore, Philippines, India and China

  • Heineken's 'future depends' on Southeast Asia

    Dutch brewer goes for broke in last promising market