Tea Leaves

A man uses his mobile phone in New Delhi. India's smartphone users recently surpassed 300 million. © AP

In India, 'fake news' has deadly consequences

Spread of smartphones has taken rumor mongering to dangerous depths

  • Taiwan is embracing marriage equality, and refining its own identity

    Island's democratic traditions grow even stronger as it becomes a regional leader for LGBT rights

  • Citizenship ruling causes delayed chaos Down Under

    Mainstream politicians run afoul of Australia's century-old constitution

  • A Buddhist take on the fate of Bangkok's Dusit Thani hotel

    For Thais, the demolition of a landmark is a reminder of life's impermanence

  • Game on: Japanese dining taps its wild side

    Gibier restaurants take off as diners go for healthier, sustainable meat

  • The eye-opening joys of urban farming

    What one family learned from raising chickens in Bangkok

  • Australia's Holden runs out of road

    Demise of iconic brand marks the end of an era for the country's car industry

  • Myanmar's urban hub thrives on 'repat power'

    Returnees infuse Yangon with energy, enthusiasm and hope for the future

  • How long can Brunei keep punching above its weight?

    After 50 years on the throne, the sultan is finding it harder to keep his country relevant

  • What the 'bicycle index' says about a country

    When cycling goes from necessity to choice, it represents a major sociological shift

  • India's toilet culture needs a good scrubbing

    Bollywood film tackling open defecation doubles as propaganda for Modi

  • Bob Gruen's images of rock icons highlight Japan's sense of nostalgia

    American photographer provides an entry to a piece of history

  • The remarkable ability of opera to defy cultural appropriation

    Chinese soprano He Hui highlights the art's focus on ability, not nationality

  • Saving Sumatra's tigers while in Sydney

    Taronga Zoo uses technology to help endangered cats far away

  • For many music lovers in Japan, 'real' means vinyl

    The tables are turning for a part of the industry once in decline

  • Progress on the bumpy road to democracy

    East Timor provides a small but timely example of the power of the ballot box

  • Populism fails to catch fire in Japan

    Gripes from the young and fears for the future won't fuel radical politics

  • Chasing North Korean diplomats in Manila

    Close up, Pyongyang's leaders look less scary than their rhetoric sounds

  • Singaporeans reveal a pent-up desire for debate on social issues

    Prime minister's family feud goes viral, provides public a rare chance to vent

  • Sweet or bitter: The 'tea train' evokes colonial legacy

    Anniversary celebrations offer reflections on British rule and homegrown success