Xi's Supremacy

Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, chats with former President Jiang Zemin beside Xi's predecessor, Hu Jintao, right, as they wait for a military parade to begin in Beijing on Sept. 3, 2015. (Photo by Takaki Kashiwabara)

Old guard still calling the shots in Beijing

Former leaders have final say in decisions on top posts

  • Xi's secret economic weapon: Overseas Chinese

    Scholar says today's 'new immigrants' can boost China-US ties

  • Xi turns to diaspora to bolster global standing

    Worldwide network of "hua qiao" helping realize Chinese Dream

  • Meet the choreographers behind Xi Jinping's one-man show

    Li Zhanshu maps out the moves while Wang Huning supplies the theory

  • Who will get a seat at China's top political table?

    Leadership hopefuls angle for Xi's backing ahead of autumn reshuffle

  • For Chinese diplomats, loyalty to Xi trumps all

    Foreign minister almost skipped G-20 gathering for 'party discipline' workshop

  • China promised no building on disputed shoal: Philippines

    Foreign minister says Scarborough Shoal militarization would be 'game-changer'

  • In China's Youth League, more advocacy than political jockeying

    Formidable reputation hides efforts to assist country's youth

  • Chinese leader takes power games to elite youth group

    Xi's 'reforms' part of bid to solidify his own authority

  • Crony communism stirs divisions in Chinese society

    Widening wealth gap, narrow path to success build up discontent

  • The 'private' Chinese investment company with a Communist Party mission

    Politics, not profits, appear to drive China Minsheng Investment

  • Communists tighten grip on Chinese state companies

    Ignoring good business practices in pursuit of national clout

  • Chinese-style democracy keeps dissidents off ballots

    Communist Party weeds out unsuitable candidates, sometimes by detention

  • A clash is coming: Xi vs. Trump

    Will Chinese-style party rule unseat US-advocated democracy?

  • China responds to Trump comment with Pacific exercise

    Beijing shows off navy around South China Sea

  • New faces renewing old tensions in Taiwan Strait

    Taiwan flexes military muscle as China dials up the pressure

  • Strongman Xi casts a long shadow over China's future

  • The white-knuckle countdown to China's party congress

  • China's strongman has a weak point: the economy

  • When it comes to Xi, history makes the man