Japan Trends

Japanese cuisine made UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013 -- a sign, one expert said, that it is "at risk of extinction." © Reuters

Colleges study Japan's delicious, dramatic and disregarded culture

Academically, gastronomy and ninja history remain unexplored frontiers

  • Made-in-Japan footwear puts spring in Asics' step

    Onitsuka Tiger brand's Nippon Made line attracts Tokyo's stylish set

  • Tokyo's new cosplay capital: Ikebukuro

    Where the hottest subculture gathers

  • Island jaunts in floating pods: Japan's newest hotel experience

    Climb aboard at Huis Ten Bosch theme park and arrive in time for breakfast

  • Tokyo lures artistic talent ahead of 2020 Olympics

    Creators from 29 countries and regions have applied for grants up to $1.8m

  • Grandmas are manga's rising stars

    New genre charms Japan with the quirky exploits of old Japanese women

  • Food purchases by visitors to Japan rise 19% last year

    The trend seen as a boon for government's drive to increase exports

  • Tokyo's Shin-Okubo district offers a taste of the world

    Middle Eastern and Tex-Mex are adding new flavors to an old Koreatown

  • Virtual reality to take Japan's national treasures nationwide

    Rent proceeds to be used to repair damaged items

  • At Tokyo's Henn na Hotel, robots run the show

    Company opens fifth such hotel, with plans for 100 throughout Japan and beyond

  • Overrun by toy poodles, Japan's pet salons hike prices

    Demographic trends leave shortage of groomers for the country's top dog

  • Gyms in Japan deploy new tool to fix poor posture: eyewear

    Sensor-loaded glasses measure balance and send the results to an app

  • 'Japanglish' music video goes viral worldwide

    Creators hope hilarious antics, famous symbols of Japan will fuel tourism

  • Three-hour delay mars launch day of Tokyo taxi-sharing trial

    New app services need much improvement if they are to gain popularity

  • Have a spare room? You can be an innkeeper in Japan

    With home-sharing facing limits, rules for hotels and other lodging to be eased

  • Tokyo to trial cab-sharing apps but to Japanese speakers only

    Japan's first such experiment kicks off Monday for seven weeks

  • A party before dying: Japanese are embracing the logic of the 'pre-funeral'

    Terminally ill businessman wanted to say farewell on his own terms

  • Orchestral strains and pop culture: A match made in Japan

    Anime helps ensembles like the Tokyo Philharmonic reach younger set

  • Sony going after Asian mobile game market in 2018

    Popular Japanese app will be rolled out in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau

  • Japanese deregulation to open door to unique vacation stays

    Lodging at centuries-old temples, traditional homes coming soon to towns across Japan