Japan Trends

Yabu is known for its scenic landscape dotted with traditional Japanese-style homes.

Japan to offer ride sharing as way to explore far-flung areas

The government will start a trial in a scenic western city

  • Amazon undisputed game changer in Nikkei hit rankings

    Reels in customers with fresh food and music, but sparks courier crisis

  • Dining out in Tokyo with Taiwan's biggest Japanese star

    Koichi Yoshida isn't an actor -- he's a tourism promoter with a big personality

  • Temple's future rests in helping Tokyoites through the fear of dying alone

    400-year-old landmark trying a relaxed approach in dealing with angst

  • Tokyo's unlikely tourist draws: Cavernous tunnels, sewers and more

    City hopes travelers put infrastructure inspections on their to-do lists

  • New Japan holidays -- picking oranges, catching fish, no hotels

    JTB tangos with Airbnb-type booking site but stays loyal to old partners

  • Luxury trains zip along Japan's everyday commute routes

    Rail companies seek new revenue through trainspotters, seniors and sightseers

  • SMAP brings ratings bonanza to streaming service

    Despite ugly breakup, former members draw 74M views for Japan's AbemaTV

  • Japan's research giant using AI to control huge crowds

    Pro soccer team looks to AIST to improve management at its 40,000-seat venue

  • Tokyo women are fastest at applying makeup in Asia

    They use the second-most cosmetics in the least amount of time, survey finds

  • Amazon opening Tokyo bar to catch you offline

    Pop-up establishment in Ginza to give a taste of vast online offerings

  • German design puts cool spin on Tokyo laundromat

    Freddy Leck turns washing clothes into a fun, social event

  • Pockets of Japan are partying like it's 1989

    $22,000 bottles of wine, $100,000 hotel memberships and scams

  • Your new Japan tour guide: Yamaha's digital piano tech

    About 40 companies testing system that translates announcements

  • Cash in trash turning up all around Japan

    Dead relatives leave money behind that sometimes winds up in the trash

  • You know your BO is bad when your dog passes out

    Insolent robot also tells you when you're wearing too much perfume

  • Japanese girl group's fame has Philippines singing same tune

    Pop idol band AKB48 hopes to spread concept to Southeast Asia

  • Wagyu Olympics picks winners with eye on beef industry's future

    Superior marbling is no longer the only key standard for Japanese cattle

  • Tea Leaves

    For many music lovers in Japan, 'real' means vinyl

    The tables are turning for a part of the industry once in decline

  • Japan faces shortages of samurai, ninja

    Foreign tourists eager to be sneaked up on, assassinated