Japan Trends

Nara, an ancient capital of Japan, is popular among foreign tourists.

Japan travel agency to help foreigners find tour guides

H.I.S. seeks to register 500 guides, taking advantage of law revision

  • Japan to let foreign anime talent seek permanent residency

    Red carpet awaits professionals in fashion, design

  • Ditching your tie doesn't cut it on casual Friday, Itochu says

    Japanese trading house turns to Isetan to help workers really dress down

  • 'Donki' to bring ceiling to floor mega discounts to Asia

    Popular Japan chain to open store in Singapore, eyes regional expansion

  • Foreign Airbnb guests soar 40% in Japan

    Parliament debating law allowing service to operate nationwide

  • Ancient Japanese capital to put up tourists in historic prison

    Nara betting on $134m hotel project to ease shortage of accommodations

  • Japan's milk crisis destined to linger

    Dairy farms in Hokkaido try to shrug off past problems, but face new challenges

  • Japan's green tea makers want to refresh the world's palate

    Historic growing region in Kyoto blends old and new to steep the right brew

  • Record number of foreign visitors flock to Japan in April

    Experience-based tourism, more cruise ships spur surge in arrivals

  • Buddhist priests and nuns are going pop in Japan

    Temple concerts and saintly get-ups are helping win new fans among the young

  • The art of (almost) spinning out of control

    Japanese 'drifting' circuits are attracting foreign fans looking to burn rubber

  • All aboard! Japan's Shiki-Shima luxury train makes maiden journey

    Travel through Tohoku and Hokkaido in an $8400 suite complete with cypress bath

  • Sushi, guided taxis and Tsukiji market top Live Japan Awards

    Multilingual travel guide ranks its most-searched facilities and services

  • Japan touts 'hands-free travel' by storing tourists' luggage

    New sightseeing routes designed with foreign visitors in mind

  • Cool Japan Fund to build theaters in Osaka

    New attractions to showcase Japanese culture, traditional arts

  • Mao Asada's retirement helps toymaker twirl up orders

    Tomy doll wears re-creation of skater's Sochi Olympics costume

  • Sightseers in Japan stop to raise their own kawaii quotients

    Salons getting steady stream of tourists seeking cute hairdos, 'lucky nails'

  • The Disneyland experience: Wait here for 150 minutes

    Survey indicates long lines are turning off some potential park-goers

  • Fintech spurs rebound in finance job hopping

    Japanese firms pulling more talent from foreign peers

  • Tokyo Girls Collection charms its way into many hearts -- and wallets

    Biannual fashion extravaganza pushes 'see now, buy now'