Japan Trends

Freddy Leck laundromats, complete with chandeliers and cafes, are meant to turn washing clothes into a social activity.

German design puts cool spin on Tokyo laundromat

Freddy Leck turns washing clothes into a fun, social event

  • Pockets of Japan are partying like it's 1989

    $22,000 bottles of wine, $100,000 hotel memberships and scams

  • Your new Japan tour guide: Yamaha's digital piano tech

    About 40 companies testing system that translates announcements

  • Cash in trash turning up all around Japan

    Dead relatives leave money behind that sometimes winds up in the trash

  • You know your BO is bad when your dog passes out

    Insolent robot also tells you when you're wearing too much perfume

  • Japanese girl group's fame has Philippines singing same tune

    Pop idol band AKB48 hopes to spread concept to Southeast Asia

  • Wagyu Olympics picks winners with eye on beef industry's future

    Superior marbling is no longer the only key standard for Japanese cattle

  • Tea Leaves

    For many music lovers in Japan, 'real' means vinyl

    The tables are turning for a part of the industry once in decline

  • Japan faces shortages of samurai, ninja

    Foreign tourists eager to be sneaked up on, assassinated

  • The 172-year-old Japanese garden for the digital age

    Come to Mifuneyama Rakuen for the scenery, stay for the graphical wizardry

  • Okinawa reels in tuna lovers

    Japan's southern island prefecture has more to offer foodies than pork

  • Japanese McDonald's fans select 'Makudo' as official nickname

    Lighthearted 'referendum' on what to call hamburger chain picks 'western Japan' name

  • Younger Japanese in the mood for a cruise

    Shorter, cheaper trips have more families and first-timers taking to the water

  • Not your grandmother's cup of tea

    Elegance and flavor breathe new life into a traditional Japanese drink

  • Plus-size fashionista tells Japan's apparel industry where to go

    Niche market flourishing as long-neglected segment championed by Naomi Watanabe

  • Japan readies certification for healthier office buildings

    Push to enhance work environment covers everything from lighting to air quality

  • Hokkaido looks to indigenous heritage for tourism appeal

    Japan's northernmost island plugs culture and nature with foreign visitors

  • Tokyo's Ginza Six can't get window shoppers to open wallets

    Upscale shopping destination leaves some visitors feeling out of place

  • Japan may tax foreign visitors to spruce up tourist sites

    Far from decided, move could pour cold water on tourism boom

  • Japan to trigger safeguard tariffs on US frozen beef

    Consumers likely to feel impact of temporary hike to 50%