People queue for a Big Mango smoothie in front of the original King Mango Thai shop in Jakarta.

Mango smoothie helps sweeten bond between Indonesia and Thailand

Thai food fad in Jakarta is being fed by increased tourism between the countries

  • Baseball star Ohtani hits financial home run for NH Foods

    Japanese company's club gets $20m parting gift as player heads to Major Leagues

  • World Go Championship 2018 set for Tokyo in March

    Japan's 7-title holder and the 'world's best' from China join six-person clash

  • Tiger tourism: Cambodia's newest cash ploy

    Despite poaching and corruption concerns, the big cats are being reintroduced

  • Crack on undercarriage dents bullet train's safety record

    First-ever grave structural damage results in service cancellation

  • DaDong brings Chinese fine dining to New York

    Bookings for famous Peking duck restaurant run into February

  • Thanks for the memories -- Businessman hosts his 'own funeral'

    Cancer-stricken but smiling, former Komatsu president says final goodbye

  • Hong Kong's Ferris wheel to reopen after three months' halt

    New operator TECL expects to win back tourists by slashing ticket prices

  • Mongolian women drive rise in organic cosmetics

    Entrepreneurs seek to expand overseas sales of animal-based oils and creams

  • Could you get away from a cheetah? New game center lets you try

    Namco puts different spin on entertainment parks with virtual athletics

  • Japan's Ohtani to sign with Los Angeles Angels

  • Australia celebrates 'day for love' as it allows same-sex marriage

  • Bangkok raises its dining game with Dinner in the Sky

    A huge crane raises table, diners and chef 50 meters to tuck into a meal

  • Michelin publishes first Bangkok guide

    From high-end restaurants to no-frills eateries, 17 win stars

  • Ninja cafe teaches ways of the shadow warrior in central Tokyo

    Swordsmanship, blade-throwing, ancient tales on the menu of 2-hour lesson

  • Dining out in Tokyo with Taiwan's biggest Japanese star

    Koichi Yoshida isn't an actor -- he's a tourism promoter with a big personality

  • China signs up local talent to hit national soccer goals

    Demand for star foreign players falling as clubs shift to sustainable growth

  • Myanmar's living royals reclaim their past

    Descendants of the last king, featured in a new film, enjoy growing renown

  • Japan ponders Imperial succession for modern times

    Emperor's symbolic role necessitates rethink of old traditions around abdication

  • 'My boss doesn't know my ambitions,' say Japan's working women

    Many aspire to be directors, just as in Hong Kong and China