South Korean visitors to Japan at Gimpo International Airport near Seoul

South Koreans love to visit Japan, but their affection is unrequited

Japanese tourists put off by Seoul's focus on war past

  • China discovers sashimi

    Higher incomes and trips to Japan lead to a raw fish eating lifestyle

  • Filipinos' love of chocolates helps to revive cacao industry

    Government targets tenfold surge in output, seeks cocoa products export boom

  • South Korean singer's death cast in mystery

    Was it a homicide? His fans try to puzzle out shocking revelations

  • A funeral fit for a king

    Cremation of Thai monarch will highlight traditional artistic and craft skills

  • Singapore foots high costs for preserving 'last kampong'

    City-state keeps island haven Pulau Ubin untouched, while importing resources from neighbors

  • Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul among world's most 'magnetic' cities

    Hong Kong also a top 10 metropolis in drawing creative types

  • Delhi traders dismayed by ban on fireworks sale before Diwali

    But others welcome ban, in hope air quality will improve

  • From household slavery to international activism

    Young Nepalese bring their fight against child labor to Tokyo

  • Japan's elder care schools struggle with new visa rules

    New immigration law sees colleges rush to handle surge in international students

  • 'Nikkei' cuisine gets prime seat at world culinary table

    Global diners developing a taste for Japanese immigrant dishes from Peru

  • Japan's love affair with Alsace grows stronger

    After 150 years, French region continues to attract Japanese companies

  • Men in their 40s most in danger of death from overwork: report

    Japanese ad firm Dentsu fined for illegal overtime leading to worker's suicide

  • China's top table tennis league bans foreigners

    Move seen as reaction to the rise of Japanese rivals ahead of Tokyo Olympics

  • Japan-born Brit Kazuo Ishiguro wins Nobel Prize in literature

    Author of 'The Remains of the Day' was born in Nagasaki, grew up in UK

  • Tokyo passes regulation to protect children from passive smoking

    Smoking discouraged in homes, cars and restaurants where children present

  • Predator versus predator: Giant sea snails take on reef-eating starfish

    Scientists in Australia look to rare mollusc to protect Great Barrier Reef

  • South Korean baseball seeks to repeat past glories

    New coach tasked with securing Olympic success, but sport may have peaked

  • Heavily-armed gunman kills at least 58 in Las Vegas concert shooting

    Toll makes the mass shooting deadliest in US history

  • J.CO finds sweet success in Indonesia

    Doughnut chain looks beyond Southeast Asia for expansion