The Peninsula Hong Kong (Photo by Ken Kobayashi).

Peninsula Hotel operator unfazed by escalating luxury hotel competition

Hong Kong landmark hotel continues expansion to global gateway cities

  • For the truth, go to a Taiwan fortunetelling booth

    Tourists, locals and Foxconn's head all seek candid advice on life and business

  • Cockfighting thrives in full view in Philippines

    Big bets and raucous crowds fuel ancient blood sport outlawed in much of Asia

  • Bali struggles to 'normalize' life under volcano

    Tourism interests meet safety concerns under Indonesia's smoking Mount Agung

  • Hoshino Resorts aims to cash in on new Japanese export: hospitality

    Ski-loving fourth-generation CEO specializes in revamping traditional inns

  • Japanese Oscar winner did 'what others won't'

    Following his own path brought makeup artist Tsuji to the top of his field

  • Japan's Tsuji wins Oscar for makeup, hairstyling in 'Darkest Hour'

    Academy recognizes skill in transforming actor Gary Oldman into Churchill

  • Southeast Asian professional soccer talent scores across borders

    New quota system sees local players drawn into regional transfer chain

  • Grandmas are manga's rising stars

    New genre charms Japan with the quirky exploits of old Japanese women

  • LVMH creates a new wine legacy in the Himalayas

    The unique terroir at the roof of the world is now home to China's premiere wine brand

  • Private eyes enjoy public boom in Singapore

    With apps fuelling paranoia, snooping on children and spouses becomes de rigeur

  • Urban Chinese see AI having far-reaching effects, Tencent poll shows

    Nearly 80% say smart machines will transform industry but undermine privacy

  • To turn heads in Thailand, put fish on your feet

    Novelties combining the cute and the creepy catch on with youth

  • Tokyo Olympic mascots unveiled; now they just need names

    Pair follows in the paw prints of Pyeongchang's popular white tiger

  • Startups not status: Japan's top grads rethink success

    More University of Tokyo alumni are seeking careers outside government and big companies

  • Digital tech helps people remember deceased loved ones

    Posthumous 3-D-printed figures and video messages console bereaved family and friends

  • Japan's high-brow bookstore Tsutaya expands into condo design

    A plan to bring neighbors together with fitness guides and cookbooks

  • Indonesians pack slow boats despite rise of budget airlines

    Archipelago's affordable long-distance ships remain popular even amid congestion, delays

  • Wooden workplaces work wonders for Japanese productivity

    Experts see increased brain activity and faster typing in comfy interiors

  • Taiwan's cat heaven disturbed by unscrupulous visitors

    Most come to admire the felines, but some come to steal them or dump them