German traditional breads baked by the Oboris inside their shop in Munich (Photo by Susan Ellicott)

Japanese couple are bread-making heroes in Germany

Nagoya husband and wife win acclaim for reviving dying craft

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    Japan's Kumon and South Korea's Eye Level seen as path to coveted US schools

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    Overuse of opioids encourages acupuncture as alternative pain relief

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  • Nikkei Asia Prizes 2018: Ranking companies' environmental efforts

    Former journalist showed how much Apple's suppliers were polluting

  • Nikkei Asia Prizes 2018: The man who lowered Vietnam's child mortality rate

    Nguyen Thanh Liem's pioneering efforts in pediatrics range from transplants to gene therapy

  • Nikkei Asia Prizes 2018: Eliminating discrimination, one flush at a time

    Bindeshwar Pathak's toilets offer hope for India's 'untouchables'

  • Vegan sushi goes global with help of Japanese food wholesaler

    Japanese company to pitch tuna and eel alternatives to health-conscious

  • Families of Sichuan earthquake victims mark 10th anniversary

    Wary of protests, authorities hold ceremonies under police supervision

  • Rebuilt Sichuan town struggling 10 years after earthquake

    Failure of tourism projects leaves Yingxiu looking for a role

  • Thai junta reaps bounty of 'durian diplomacy'

    Bangkok turns controversial fruit into diplomatic 'secret weapon'

  • Concerns rise over Bangladeshi female migrant workers

    Regulating informal village 'middlemen' could help to end abuses

  • How to build a better banana with skin you can eat

    A new strain of the tropical fruit can be grown in cooler climates without chemicals

  • High price of death in Toraja Land

    Costly and macabre funeral rites are a dying tradition for Sulawesi's young

  • Chinese condo buyers pay up to give kids an academic leg up

    Packages include entry to top schools, turning education into pay-to-play scheme

  • Vietnam embraces Taiwan-style bubble tea

    Coffee culture gives way to a milky brew chocked with fruit and tapioca balls

  • Sri Lanka weighs colonial ballast

    Is it better to preserve and build on historical legacy or destroy it?

  • Saving the world's smallest bear

    Conservationists fight to end poaching of sun bears for traditional medicine