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  • Death of the Thai king -- a nation mourns

    Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-serving head of state, died at Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital on Oct. 13 after a prolonged illness. During his 70-year reign, King Bhumibol, the ninth king in the Chakri dynasty, served as a stabilizing force for the country. Nikkei staff photographer Nozomu Ogawa documented the nation's mourning.

  • A new bustle in India

    India's economy is growing up under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Nikkei senior staff writer Go Yamada in December visited Mumbai and Delhi, where he found Modinomics to be a crowd of new faces mixing with the old.

  • Pope in Philippines

    Pope Francis visited the Philippines between Jan. 15 and 19 as part of his recent tour of Asia. KEIICHIRO ASAHARA, Nikkei staff photographer followed his procession through Manila.

  • The Rohingyas' perilous journey

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    Rohingya fleeing Myanmar endure almost unimaginable horrors to reach a new country, but their suffering does not end once their journey does. Many refugees have survived harrowing ordeals in Thailand's jungles and are now living in shelters in the country's southern provinces or facing the prospect of deportation by immigration authorities.

  • Pakistan's tailwind

    Pakistan’s economy, long plagued by terrorist attacks, political chaos and even natural disasters, is finally starting to catch a break.
    Nikkei senior staff writer GO YAMADA went there to take a closer look at the turnaround. Find related stories in the Sept. 21-27, 2015, issue of the Nikkei Asian Review.

  • Myanmar election -- what it looks like to break on through to the other side

    Nikkei staff photographer Keiichiro Asahara in early November focused his lenses on the people and streets of a country, Myanmar, as it was stepping up to democracy's door.

  • Yangon smartens up

    Nikkei staff photographer
    One sign of Myanmar's transformation since 2011 has been the emergence of smartphones in Yangon. Now, like in any other major Asian city, the burg's inhabitants are constantly checking out what's happening in the palms of their hands, often with inexpensive handsets from China.

  • Small worlds

    KURAHIRO SEGUCHI and KONOSUKE URATA, Nikkei staff photographers

    As leisure spending rises in Southeast Asia, Western theme park operators are setting up shop in the region.

  • Bangkok's new malls - shiny and cool

    KEN KOBAYASHI, Nikkei staff photographer
    Bangkok is home to a host of enormous new shopping malls rising over the city's Skytrain mass-transit stations. These facilities have become popular destinations for residents of the capital, places to shop for both high-end and low-end goods, as well as to simply gather and bask in the cool of the air-conditioning. Let's have a look inside.