Singapore central bank reiterates tough stance on property, land sales increased

  • Philippe Le Corre

    Hong Kong sinks into a 'greater' bay

    Mainland cities favored by Beijing have diminished the finance hub

  • Cyberattack damage limited this time but Asia vulnerable

    Experts warn the region could pay for a lack of investment in security

  • Moody's gives China-backed AIIB a triple-A credit rating

  • Kid gloves come off 20 years after Hong Kong handover

    A far more powerful Beijing sees less of a need for special treatment

  • Duterte's ambitious plans have hit some stumbling blocks

    Martial law, shaky investor confidence could stall economic performance

  • Frustration grows among Hong Kong's 'betrayed generation'

    Sky-high living costs and dwindling freedoms fuel youth hostility toward Beijing

  • Chinese consumer market to grow nearly 40% by 2021: Alibaba

    Forecast puts middle class in the driver's seat

  • Indian trade group says 60% of businesses not prepared for GST

    Lack of computers, expertise cited ahead of July 1 rollout

  • Papua New Guinea struggles to keep vote on track

    Polling in the capital suspended, election officials arrested

  • Business Insight

    A-shares move will not solve China's capital flows problem

    Beijing remains uncommitted to market reforms despite MSCI announcement

  • Euro surges to 15-month high against yen

    ECB chief's upbeat eurozone outlook also lifts dollar against Japanese currency

  • Qatar row with Gulf states hits Japan businesses

    Blockade stirs fears of a materials shortage for 2020 World Cup venues

  • Unclaimed land in Japan equivalent to size of Taiwan

    Properties left abandoned for generations after owners die

  • Stephen Grenville

    Asian financial crisis exposed limits of neoliberalism

    Vulnerabilities remain 20 years on, despite West facing similar challenges

  • Modi wows Amazon, Apple chiefs with growth prospects

    US business leaders express hope for India's tax reform

  • China confronting its financial risks, premier says

    Li Keqiang touts policies creating stable economy in World Economic Forum speech

  • Japan's seniors rely more on each other for long-term care

    Over 30% of patients 75 and up receive care from housemates in same age bracket

  • Savings bleeding out of Japan's graying regions to Tokyo

    Regional banks paying high interest rates in hopes of retaining cash

  • Japan households, companies continue to hoard, not spend

    Trend suggests rising uncertainty despite BOJ's efforts to spur consumption