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China to strengthen supervision of overseas investment: Xinhua

Top-level meeting also calls for improvement in quality of statistics

  • Xi and carrier add firepower to Hong Kong handover party

    Beijing hopes to send a message and stir patriotism, but protests are likely

  • Minxin Pei

    China struggles with Hong Kong dilemma

    For Beijing, 'one country' is more important than 'two systems'

  • Mongolia to hold runoff presidential election

    No candidate wins majority in close vote Monday

  • US Supreme Court breathes new life into Trump's travel ban

    In a statement, Trump called the high court's action "a clear victory for our national security."

  • China releases imprisoned dissident Liu Xiaobo for cancer treatment

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate has terminal liver disease, his lawyer says

  • South Korean antitrust agency moving to control Google, Facebook

    Watchdog chief warns IT companies about indiscreet information gathering

  • China's housing bubble wanes, showing Beijing's deft hand

    Gov't has kept prices under control in the past without triggering collapse

  • China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole

    China's best-known political prisoner was sentenced to 11 years in jail

  • India steps up domestic defense production drive

    Weapons manufacturing tempts private sector, but obstacles remain

  • LDP, governor's upstart group neck and neck in Tokyo race

    Tomin First leads by less than a point despite Koike's popularity

  • Cambodia ruling party big winner in local elections

    At 89.52%, voter turnout sharply up from 65% in 2012 local elections

  • Oil tanker explosion kills more than 123 in Pakistan

  • China's President Xi to visit Hong Kong for 20th anniversary of handover

  • China wants to burn less coal

    Government pushing big state-owned power companies to merge

  • North Korea can now target Japan with a nuclear missile

    Behind the scenes, Russia pulls the strings in a proxy fight with the US

  • Mongolian presidential election neck and neck

    Corruption allegations dog front-runner as rival stokes patriotism

  • LDP eyes submitting Constitution proposals to Diet in fall: Abe

  • Tracking how China is turning Asia red

    A Beijing-led order emerges as US influence in the region recedes

  • Japan joining with US, India to tap undersea 'fire ice'

    Tokyo drops go-it-alone approach to commercial use of methane hydrate