Auto Industry Upheaval

Volkswagen to discuss truck tie-up with Hino Motors

Toyota unit would give German group access to Asia sales network

  • Toyota-Suzuki India deal shows emerging markets in the driver's seat

    The bigger Japanese automaker needs to tap into India's growth

  • Nissan targets sixfold growth in sales of electrics

    Maker of the Leaf plans eight new models of fully electric vehicles

  • Batteries vs fuel cells: Auto sector's 'post oil' battle picks up

    Electric cars have the lead but Japan is keeping up the fight for hydrogen

  • Japan's Denso to boost stake in chipmaker Renesas to 5%

    Autoparts maker pursuing synergies on self-driving technology

  • Honda tries to restart exports to Vietnam

    First test of country's tighter import controls watched by carmakers

  • Toyota creates AI unit headed by ex-Google robotics specialist

    Hopes team of 1,000 engineers will be a magnet for tech talent

  • Alibaba-backed Xpeng emerges as China's answer to Tesla

    EV startup chases market leader with feature-rich SUV due out this year

  • Chinese buyers spur rise in global luxury car sales

    Market responsible for nearly 90% of high-end brands' growth in 2017

  • Toyota to halve costs of fuel cell cars' core components

    More affordable zero-emission vehicles to hit market as early as 2020

  • Chinese electric cars turning heads in US

    Flashy designs and ample funds help industry newcomers make inroads

  • Design team turns Mazda into perennial trophy winner

    Charismatic leader talks of analyzing cheetahs, emulating their beauty

  • CES electronics expo blurs lines between auto and tech

    Sony stuns with first car sensor while Toyota unveils mobile restaurant

  • Nissan executive stepping down in wake of inspection scandal

    Management shuffle precedes on-site investigation at headquarters

  • Renault seen replacing chief Carlos Ghosn next year: reports

    Car exec likely to remain chairman of alliance members Nissan, Mitsubishi

  • Subaru orders skid 30% in Japan amid inspection scandal

    Dealers complain that advertising halt, recall duties have exacerbated fallout

  • Toyota-Panasonic hookup could jolt Japan's electric-car sector

    Titans of industry may join forces on batteries, giving nation a chance to catch up

  • Most Japanese carmakers cruise to higher profit in first half

    Strong China sales and weak yen help; Nissan and Subaru hurt by recalls

  • Faulty inspections push down Nissan's yearly financial forecast

    CEO Saikawa to report on result of full investigation next week

  • Subaru's faulty inspection regime was standard practice

    Scandal overlaps with Nissan's in more ways than one