Pyongyang provocation

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, and U.S. President Donald Trump. © AP

Despite Trump's optimism on Pyongyang, tensions still high

North Korea issuing fiery criticism amid US-South Korea war games

  • US sanctions Chinese, Russian enterprises over Pyongyang's arms

    Treasury Department blames them for contributing to missile and nuclear development

  • US, South Korea eyeing more offensive options on Pyongyang

    Amid rising stakes, annual war games seen focusing harder on pre-emptive strikes

  • Peter S. Kim

    The view from the market on Kim Jong Un

    Prospect of further escalation supports defensive stance on South Korean assets

  • Pyongyang rails against US-South Korea war games

    Annual drills 'the most explicit expression of hostilities,' says party mouthpiece

  • Moon off to rocky start with pacifist approach to North

    Pyongyang's provocations dominate South Korean president's first 100 days

  • Russian-North Korean company draws up war contingency plan

    Nervous Moscow seeks to protect citizens from nuclear conflict

  • Russia, Ukraine trade blame in likely tech leak to Pyongyang

    Conflict between neighbors may have landed rocket engines on black market

  • With strike at the ready, Pyongyang gives US next move

    Kim Jong Un buys the North time, wiggle room

  • Japan tightens missile defenses as North Korea aims for Guam

    Tokyo scrambles to guard against failed projectiles, falling debris

  • China bristles at US trade probe threat

    Beijing says a trade war hurts both sides, but hurries to cooperate on Pyongyang

  • Military option on North is last resort, US tells Seoul

    Focus remains on supporting diplomatic, economic pressure: top commander

  • US to reaffirm nuclear umbrella over Japan

    Top officials aim to send message to emboldened North Korea at upcoming meeting

  • US poised to turn up pressure on China over trade

    Preliminary probe aimed at forcing Beijing's hand on Pyongyang

  • In call with Trump, China's Xi urges restraint over North Korea

  • Japan readies for North Korean strike on Guam

    PAC-3 missile interceptors deployed at four bases

  • North Korea says nearly 3.5mn volunteer for People's Army as tensions rise

  • Trump: If North Korea attacks US, it 'will regret it fast'

    Tough talk aside, talks between senior U.S. and North Korean diplomats continue through a back channel

  • Interview

    US, North Korea talks needed before escalation gets 'out of control': expert

    'Porous' new sanctions may not keep cash out of Pyongyang

  • Investors shun Asian stocks amid North Korea risk

    Markets slump across Asia as Washington, Pyongyang exchange threats