Shangri-La Asia Security Dialogue

Chinese Lt. Gen. Le Hei, center, on Sunday at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

China tries to play nice at key security forum

Beijing eager to warm ties with US, but refuses to back down on core interests

  • Shangri-La Dialogue focuses on terrorism in SE Asia

    Mindanao siege a wake-up call for ASEAN's fight against extremism

  • Japan, South Korea to keep sharing military intelligence

    Seoul to shelve 'comfort women' issue to focus on Pyongyang threat

  • China avoids full confrontation with US

    But Beijing remains steadfast in opposing arms sales to Taiwan

  • Mattis urges China to act on North Korea threat

    US defense secretary calls for defeat of extremists in Iraq, Syria, Southeast Asia

  • North Korea called an immediate threat to region

    Japanese, South Korean, US defense chiefs show united front

  • Asia ramps up military spending as old order shakes

    Growing shopping lists of regional countries range from conventional weaponry to cyberspace tools

  • Southeast Asia tends to defenses in South China Sea

    Regional players build up island outposts, open up to naval visits as Chinese presence grows

  • US sail-by in South China Sea puts heat back on Beijing

    First operation near man-made island under Trump a nod to China hawks