South Korea presidential election

Moon Jae-in mingles with supporters on May 6, days before winning South Korea's presidential election.

Digital brigade helped send South Korea's Moon to the top

Relentless online supporters harnessed 'anything but Park' sentiment

  • Moon Jae-in's 'balance' strategy risks knocking region off kilter

    South Korean leader seeks elusive sweet spot between North, China, US

  • Japan, South Korea agree to revive 'shuttle diplomacy'

    Envoy's visit to Tokyo paves way for early Abe-Moon summit

  • North Korea to be focus of planned US-South Korea summit

    Top policy advisers agree to consider range of options on Pyongyang

  • J. Berkshire Miller

    Moon rise spells trouble for South Korea-Japan relations

    New president's relaxed policy on Pyongyang could add to regional instability

  • Moon takes office with severe shortage of seats in parliament

    South Korea's new president won by large margin, but with only 40% of vote

  • Seoul, Pyongyang envoys may talk at Belt and Road Forum

    China gives South Korea late invite in potential thawing under Moon

  • Moon promises to eliminate all contract jobs in public sector

    South Korean leader's push for permanent positions may clash with business

  • Xi nudges Moon to think twice on THAAD

    New South Korean leader pursues balancing role in East Asia

  • South Korea's new president starts building his coalition

    Moon's first test will be getting prime minister confirmed

  • Moon offers no promise on 'comfort women' deal

    Leaders of Japan, South Korea put more focus on summit plans, Pyongyang

  • Japan's Toray prepares for change in South Korean economic policy

    Carbon fiber maker's 'second home' is key to achieving record profit target

  • Moon's picks for top posts reflect call for unity

    South Korean president seeks regional, factional balance

  • South Korean prime minister pick seen as point man on Japan

    Lee fluent in Japanese; nominee cultivated deep ties to country

  • Japan to face a tough negotiator in Moon

    South Korea's new leader has taken hard line on 'comfort women,' island dispute

  • Moon, Trump agree by phone to work closely on North Korea

    Leaders discuss visits, but no mention of controversial anti-missile system

  • New South Korean president commits to dialogue with North

    Moon's stance contrasts with tough Japanese, US attitudes

  • Moon vows to cut government ties with conglomerates

    New president says he will visit Pyongyang if need be to ease tensions

  • US wary of South Korea's approach to North under Moon

    New president may not see eye-to-eye with Trump over Pyongyang, THAAD

  • David S. Lee

    Resurgent conservatives will challenge South Korea's Moon

    Dynamic will pose familiar threat to new president's policy agenda