The Trump effect

Chinese President Xi Jinping, center left, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center right, dined with their wives at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on March 28. © KCNA/Reuters

China's Xi welcomes Kim with eyes on Trump

Rapprochement meant to ensure continued influence over North Korea

  • White House brings in another China hawk in Kudlow

    Playing it cool, Beijing calls for resolution through dialogue

  • Kim's 'special message' for Trump sets media abuzz

    Some in South Korea believe denuclearization offer led US to agree to talks

  • Japan trade minister calls for calm heads over US tariffs

    US only explained the schedule and procedure in talks

  • Beijing condemns US tariffs as Tokyo and Seoul seek exemptions

    Philippines expects benefit to infrastructure drive from steel price fall

  • Eleven countries sign revamped TPP in Chile

    Pacific trade deal brought back from the brink after US departure

  • US tariffs threaten to upend the free trade order

    'Trade wars are good' Trump says as China and Europe prepare countermeasures

  • US calls North Korea out on charm offensive

    Any talks should center on denuclearization, State Department official says

  • Pence at Winter Games in Korea -- sign of hope or a warning?

    Some hear war drums beating behind Olympic cheer

  • Trump's Davos speech signals shift on multilateral trade

    President open to group talks with TPP members; warns against 'unfair' trade

  • Kim's New Year speech seeks to split South Korea, America

    North Korean leader offers Olympics talks, threatens US with 'nuclear button'

  • China and Russia calmly weigh Trump's security strategy

    Powers branded as 'rivals' by Washington urge cooperation, not conflict

  • North Korea's latest missile test puts ball in Trump's court

    Kim likely eyeing deals with US from position of strength

  • Japan, China on same page against Trump's protectionism

    Business delegation trip sheds light on rift in long-term trade ambitions

  • New US sanctions on North Korea ensnare more Chinese entities

    Beijing issues tempered response but warns against 'unilateral' acts

  • Trump's Asian tour puts spotlight on legacy of Obama 'pivot'

    North Korea, trade expected to dominate agenda of five-country excursion

  • Toyota halves output target for planned Mexico plant

    Automaker realigns production around North America to fit US focus

  • Trump dusts off 'pivot to Asia' with November tour

    US seeks progress on North Korea, South China Sea, trade

  • Japan pushes for expedited talks on 'TPP 11'

    Signatories eye fresh trade deal without US by year-end

  • South Korea rejects 'one-sided' US demands on trade pact

    Revisions unnecessary as imbalance already easing, argues Seoul