The Trump effect

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, left screen, and South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong address Tuesday's trade talks via teleconference. © Kyodo

South Korea rejects 'one-sided' US demands on trade pact

Revisions unnecessary as imbalance already easing, argues Seoul

  • Japanese beef buyers may get frozen out by tariff hike

    Protectionist measure also could cause friction in Japan-US economic dialogue

  • US, North Korea playing precarious game of chicken

    No resolution in sight as rhetoric continues to escalate

  • Moon's best-laid plans for North-South peace go awry

    In trying to please all parties, South Korean president satisfies no one

  • US softens North Korea terms, offering both carrot and stick

    Tillerson: Stopping missile launches would be 'best signal' of readiness to talk

  • US officially tells UN it wants out of Paris climate deal

  • Trump trade threats come at awkward time for Xi

    Mooted probe could disrupt Chinese leader's consolidation of power at party congress

  • Without leverage, US struggles to break North Korea impasse

    Tillerson calls for dialogue, but Pyongyang gains more by buying time

  • Trump reveals Hon Hai's plan to invest $30bn in US

    Figure is triple the Taiwanese tech company's announced spending plan

  • Sharp, Foxconn go all in on TV production in US

    With panel plant in the works, entire process to take place in America

  • Seoul readies to defend 'win-win' trade deal against Trump pressure

    Shale gas imports could help reduce trade deficit

  • G-20 leaders struggle to find compromise on trade policy

    US stance on steel imports at the heart of disharmony

  • Xi, Moon united on peaceful solution to North Korean standoff

    Beijing, Seoul still wide apart on THAAD doployment

  • ICBM launch marks turning point for US on North Korea

    Threats, bargaining among options as pressure fails to rein in Pyongyang

  • US steel tariffs could throw a wrench into G-20 summit

    Allies alarmed as Trump may step out of WTO framework

  • Ritesh Kumar Singh

    Modi summit with Trump falls short of expectations

    Too much divergence of interests on key economic issues

  • John Burton

    Moon finds a stubborn Trump on US visit

    Trade gains unexpected prominence in US-South Korea talks

  • Trump turns from carrot to stick ahead of second China summit

    Washington ramps up steps to force pressure on North Korea

  • Trump, Modi could find common ground over Lockheed-Tata deal

    US defense giant sees Indian jet production creating jobs in both countries

  • Trump's tough talk putting squeeze on US tourism

    Foreign visitors seen dropping 4m this year, costing economy billions