Kyoto University to start providing Embryonic Stem cells for clinical studies

The move, a first for Japan, will widen applications of regenerative medicine

  • China launches satellite to explore dark side of moon

  • Japan approves first trials of stem cell-based heart treatment

    iPS procedure raises hopes for alternative to donations and artificial organs

  • How to build a better banana with skin you can eat

    A new strain of the tropical fruit can be grown in cooler climates without chemicals

  • Probe nears asteroid to unlock secrets to life's origins

    Hayabusa2 mission includes return of samples after 18-month study

  • Google expands in Taiwan, its top Asian R&D hub

    New round of hiring follows internet group's takeover of HTC mobile unit last year

  • Chocolate is not exactly brain food, Japan admits

    Shoddy research behind report backed by government and confectionery maker Meiji

  • Physicist Stephen Hawking, who conquered the stars, dies at 76

  • Japan's university startups top 2,000 for first time

    Ventures in biotech and health care outnumber IT fledglings

  • Race on to deliver doping-free Tokyo Olympics

    New tests required to catch cheats using blood, gene and brain techniques

  • Fujifilm to partner with Takeda on regenerative heart medicine

    Clinical trials scheduled for drug that uses induced pluripotent stem cells

  • As space race heats up, Japan needs to find its booster

    China and India are keen to put people into space, while Tokyo checks its wallet

  • Drugmakers are drawn to Japan's laboratory in space

    Weightlessness an advantage in quest to find causes of diseases

  • The quest for the see-through body

    New 'tissue-clearing' methods will help detect cancer by revealing tumors

  • Japan nuclear watchdog reviews quake-resistance evaluation method

    Major plants in Kyushu potentially affected

  • Alibaba, Naver, Didi battle for AI talent

    In L.A., tech titans face off at an aggressive recruitment tournament

  • Japanese venture uses LED tech to triple soybean yield

    Hokkaido company spurs growth by drying roots under special lights

  • Nobel laureate asks Fujifilm to keep licensing fees low

    Stem cell pioneer wary of patent fees impeding regenerative medicine

  • New engine could make or break Japan's rocket program

    Bid to catch up with next-generation rivals rests on critical testing phase

  • New gadget to show when your brain works best

    Cerebral activity displayed through light and sound to boost productivity