If China and India can form a united front, the unlikely double could help minimize the impact of renewed American sanctions. © Reuters

Iran sanctions -- dreaded deja vu for Asia

China and India must resist Trump, defend their interests and keep oil trade open

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    Rash, tit-for-tat retaliations will only destabilize the global economy

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    Accord focused on soybeans and gas does nothing about huge tech-sector challenges

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    Karnataka result shows India's popular prime minister must not take voters for granted

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    Chief justice's ousting brings the Philippines closer to authoritarian government

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    Indonesia's interest rate rise highlights need for urgent defensive action

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  • Mahathir, Anwar and the Islamist threat

    Malaysia must see full recovery of democracy, or risk ethnic and religious strife

  • China must put the 'private' into PPP

    Beijing can use borrowing crackdown to overhaul key infrastructure financing tool

  • Japan's economy -- that shrinking feeling

    Abe must launch reforms after output drop, but will struggle to go ahead

  • Trump right to focus on the US-China deficit

    The tactic is bad economics but good politics, forcing Beijing to meet verifiable targets

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    Malaysia vote highlights concerns shared by Western powers

  • Xi is no Putin

    Unlike Russia's president, China's leader has consolidated power to advance reform

  • Three requests for new Malaysian leader Mahathir

    Now is a historic chance to promote fair politics, sustainable growth and unbiased diplomacy

  • Malaysia's chilling warning for Asia's one-party regimes

    Democracy suddenly re-emerges in a bastion of authoritarian rule

  • Make America save again

    Protectionism vs Asia won't ease US economic imbalances. Savings will

  • Malaysia's Trump moment

    Mahathir must get over shock of winning and tackle corruption and reform

  • Walmart flips its India strategy

    US retailer's investment will give the vast consumer market a welcome jolt

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    Just like the US, the Middle Kingdom needs space to chart its own economic course

  • US unilateral protectionism casts a long shadow

    Asian economies must respond by integrating further within the region