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Nikkei Asian Review is published by Nikkei Inc.

For more than 140 years, Nikkei has been providing unparalleled coverage of Japan's economy, industries and markets. The group's business portfolio includes publishing, broadcasting and the Nikkei 225 stock index. Its flagship newspaper, The Nikkei, has a circulation of approximately 3 million.

With 24 bureaus across the region and over 1,300 correspondents worldwide, Nikkei is ideally positioned to provide Asian news and analysis to a global audience.

The Financial Times(FT), the global business newspaper, joined the Nikkei group in 2015. As content partners, the Nikkei Asian Review and the FT share select articles with their respective audiences and collaborate editorially on joint projects.

What we provide

Award winning business, politics and economy content

Honors from the Society of Publishers in Asia underscore the depth and breadth of the Nikkei Asian Review's journalism.

We strive to put global issues in a local and regional context:

Bye bye Britain?

We analyze regional trends with a data-driven approach:


We seek exclusive stories on top companies and the people who run them:

Reports on Foxconn


What the UK's exit from the EU means for Asian integration


Long hours and the drive for success take a deadly toll on workers


A series of stories on Foxconn's courtship and acquisition of Sharp

Key features


Stay abreast of the strategies and stock prices of 300 must-watch companies regionwide. Understand the broader trends that are shaping Asian economies.

Japan Update

Get the Japanese latest news, economic data and financial results from our flagship paper, The Nikkei morning edition.


Our roster of commentators includes Eurasia Group founder Ian Bremmer, geostrategist Brahma Chellaney and professor Minxin Pei. Learn how more than 600 contributors assess business, policy and security trends in Asia.

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