Privacy & cookie policy

The following Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy applies to all Nikkei Asian Review's ("NAR") services, including websites, mobile apps, the print edition, and inquiry cards unless stated otherwise on the individual services.

NAR will handle personal information according to this policy. This applies to all users accessing to NAR. Definitions that are not set in this document are identical to the definitions set in the NAR Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This document stipulates the policy on how the provider of the Service, Nikkei, will handle the personal information of the User.

2. Gathering personal information

Nikkei will gather personal information to the extent that it is required to provide the Service. Nikkei will mainly gather personal information in the following instances. The following are examples, and in some cases the specific information collected may not be deemed as personal information, i.e.:

(1) When Applicants Subscribe to the Service;

Applicants may be asked their: name, e-mail address, industry, title, company name, department, address, and phone number;

a. when registration is made to Subscribe to the Service;

b. when an inquiry to Nikkei is made regarding the Service;

(2) When the User accesses the Service;

If the User accesses the Service after Subscribing and logging on to the Service, Nikkei will gather Usage Status information such as the below with association to personally identifiable information;

a. Transaction history of purchasing and/or use of services or products;

b. The status of applications to events and seminars, cooperation with surveys, entry to competitions;

(3) When the User accesses to the website or mobile apps that provide the Service

When the User accesses the website or mobile apps that provide the Service, Nikkei will automatically collect IP addresses from the Users browser and will use cookies and web beacons to automatically gather advertisement viewing history, Service viewing history, and usage environment information. For further details regarding the use of Cookies and web beacons see our Cookie Policy.

(4) When the User provides Nikkei with an e-mail address that will result in any messages Nikkei may send you via a network or device operated or owned by a third party (e.g. The User's employer or college) then the User promises that it is entitled to receive those messages. The User also agrees that Nikkei may stop sending messages to it without notification.

3. How gathered personal information is used

Nikkei will use the personal information gathered by Nikkei from the User for the following purposes, i.e.:

(1) for Nikkei to provide the Service to the User and so the User can use the Service;

a. to allow a Subscriber to login to the Service and verify the Users' identification after logging on the Service;

b. to display on various pages on the Service so that the User can access/configure information that has been submitted ("Registered Information") or check the Users' usage status (Usage Status);

c. to distinguish which User has made a post or created a page;

d. to automatically display Registered Information to simplify entering information and to forward Registered Information to other services with the consent from the User;

e. to send e-mails and to confirm the subscription status to e-mail services;

f. to confirm subscription to fee based services and to provide these services;

g. to confirm the purchase of goods such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc and deliver them;

h. to provide various after services;

i. to request and/or confirm payment and to make payment of various goods and fee based services;

j. to deliver information regarding the renewal of subscriptions to periodical publications such as newspapers and magazines;

k. to confirm the application to events or seminars and to deliver tickets.

l. to deliver rewards for submission of surveys;

m. to deliver prizes for entered competitions;

n. to mediate the Users request of provision of information from an advertiser;

o. to fulfill inquiries from the User and for Nikkei to contact the User;

p. to deal with violators of the Terms of Use of the Service;

(2) to provide information related to services and /or products provided by Nikkei;

a. to send information regarding services such as, periodical publications, books, digital content, and various fee based services;

b. to send requests to participate in surveys and report the results of them, and/or to send requests to take part in events and seminars;

c. To send relevant information, surveys, advertisements to the User based on the Usage Status of the Service. Nikkei may connect personal information with personal information gathered and managed by Nikkei subsidiaries for the use by Nikkei subsidiaries in a manner stipulated in clause 8, "Joint use by Nikkei subsidiaries";

(3) to improve and/or customize the Service;

a. to improve the Service and develop new services and products;

b. to customize contents or advertisements on the Service for each user according to Registered Information and Usage Status;

c. to conduct research or a survey on topics such as satisfaction regarding the Service or services and/or products that a User has ordered;

d. to make content and advertisements provided by third parties relevant by analyzing registered information or Usage Status, extracting relevant survey subjects to analyze, and provide third parties with analysis results that do not include information that allows for individuals to be identified;

(4) for any other reasons required to provide the Service;

for any other reasons that are required to provide the Service in relation with the above (1) ~ (3).

4. Disclosure of personal information

(1) Nikkei will not provide, sell or loan personal information to a third party without obtaining consent from the User.

(2) Nikkei may disclose personal information if Nikkei is required to do so by law or Nikkei has a good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

a. comply with the law or with legal process.

b. protect and defend Nikkeis' rights and property.

c. protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the Services.

d. protect the personal safety or property of the User or the public (among other things, this means that if the User provides false information or attempts to pose as someone else, information about the User may be disclosed as part of any investigation into the Users' actions).

(3) Nikkei may use personal information for the following services in a secure manner:

- Google Customer Match

- Facebook Custom Audience

5. Changing and updating personal information

(1) Nikkei may ask for the Users cooperation to keep personal information up to date and accurate.

(2) The User can carry out a procedure to a. check, b. revise, add, delete, c. suspend use, d. suspend provision to service providers/partners ("Check") personal information through the website or mobile apps. Nikkei will not accept any inquiries that are made directly to Nikkei in person nor will Nikkei accept any inquiries via e-mail that do not fall under the instances stated above.

(3) To Check personal information gathered by Nikkei that the User cannot Check through the above procedure, the User can request the information by following the procedures that are set separately by Nikkei. The procedure requires payment of a fee set by Nikkei. Note that Nikkei may not be able to fulfill requests for reasons set in the Personal Information Protection Law.

6. Security

To protect information from being intercepted, obstructed, or tampered with and to ensure the security of the Service, Nikkei uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology when important information such as credit card details are being entered.

7. Transfer of Data

As the internet is a global environment, collecting and processing personal information may involve the transmission of this data internationally, including outside of Japan. Therefore, by communicating electronically with Nikkei the User acknowledges and agrees to the Users' personal information being processed in this way.

8. Children under 13

Nikkei does not intentionally collect any information on children under 13 years of age. Nikkei will undertake to delete any details of the User where a parent or guardian has notified Nikkei that any such details have been obtained.

9. Joint use by Nikkei subsidiaries

Nikkei will jointly use the Users personal information with Nikkei subsidiaries.

(1) The range of personal information that will be jointly used will be identical to the range stipulated in clause 2, "Gathering personal information".

(2) Nikkei subsidiaries listed here will jointly use personal information.

(3) The purpose of joint use will be the same as stipulated in clause 3, "How gathered personal information is used".

(4) Nikkei will be responsible for the management of joint use.

10. Point of contact for personal information inquiries

For details on how a User can inquire about its' personal information as specified by Personal Information Protection Law contact us.

11. Miscellaneous

(1) Nikkei may act in a different way from as stated above to abide to the Personal Information Protection Law.

(2) Nikkei may amend all or part of this privacy policy in the future. Any important amendments will be announced in a clear way on the website and mobile apps that the Service is provided on.

Cookie Policy

Nikkei and/or the companies that provide services that Nikkei uses to serve advertisements to users may send data known as cookies to a user's device when they use this service. This data will be saved on the user's hard disk or memory. Cookies are used for purposes like monitoring website performance, subscriber services, advertisement targeting, and advertisement management. Cookies will not perpetrate a user's privacy or usage environment. If a user chooses to disable cookies, certain parts of the service will be impossible to provide.

Configuring cookie preferences

1. Opting out of cookies through your browser

In some cases you may be able to refuse cookies or receive a warning when a cookie is received by adjusting your browser settings. Refer to the "cookie" section within the "help" menu of the browser you use for further details.

2. Opting out of third party cookies (Alphabetical order)

See the below links for information on how third party cookies are used and how to opt out from them. See section (1) for privacy policies and sections (2) for instructions on opting out.

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Established on November 21, 2013

Revised on February 19, 2018